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MD | Baltimore | Brandy Tieff

tieff-brandyWhen I was nine years old, I organized my friend’s Barbie Doll collection in relation to clothing, shoes, and accessories. Reflecting back on those and other analogous experiences, I should have had the awareness that I would make a great organizer. However, it wasn’t until years later, holding a Bachelors of Science and an almost fulfilled Masters of Science degree, that I revisited the idea of functioning as a professional organizer. As of present, I can honestly say that organizing is what drives me and my lifestyle forward. I look forward to performing some type of organizational activity on a daily basis. Currently, I’ve undergone the initiative to digitize my entire file library and some of my book library. This has simplified my life in many ways and truly reflects something I love to do! What I hope to get out of this experience is a new appreciation for organizational solutions and a knowing that I am able to assist those requiring a new approach to their organizational issues. I also hope to enrich my thinking through learning and applying various modeling techniques to improve the way I tackle and resolve problems.

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