MD | Ellicott City | Alexandra Sedor

Alexandra is a life-long organizer who has a passion for turning chaos into calm. She understands that the power of organization is allowing people to create a sense of peace and order in their lives. While undergoing several unexpected events in her own life, Alexandra relied on organization as a way to successfully manage these events and transitions, and she enjoys helping clients learn to do the same.

Alexandra is a native New Yorker who lives happily with her family in Howard County. She has a master’s degree in library science and works part-time in a public library, where she has continually developed her customer service and communication skills. She also has experience working with senior adults in a senior adult living community, so she understands the particular organizational needs of that stage of life. As the mom of three active teens, Alexandra loves to create systems and solutions to make daily life easier and less stressful. She has learned that living an organized life helps everyone in the household to be happier and healthier, and saves time, money, and energy.

Alexandra believes that combining clear communication and compassion are essential in creating functional systems for her clients. In order to be truly useful, the system and style must be designed with the client’s unique needs in mind. Alexandra enjoys the process of working with people and developing a shared understanding of their needs and priorities.

In her spare time, Alexandra loves reading good books and watching hockey.