Take A Green Approach by Recycling or Reusing

Are you moving or cleaning and getting rid of clutter? Do you want to recycle or re-use the items that you no longer need?

Cheryl’s Organizing Concepts can help. Cheryl Larson believes that it is important to be good to the earth. Our professional organizers practice green organizing principals, whenever possible.

Cheryl’s Organizing Concepts is dedicated to the three R’s of Green Organizing.

Most of us can do with less. Cheryl believes that the best approach is to use what you already have before purchasing more. Cheryl’s Organizing Concepts helps our clients shop more consciously and learn how to live a better life with less stuff.

While organizing our clients’ garages and closets, we attempt to use the tools and containers that they already own. We are experts at repurposing and reusing items for something other than the specific reasons for which they were purchased.

When we help our clients move or get rid of clutter, we always look at how we can recycle items that are no longer useful to them. Recycling includes giving items away to needy organizations as well as supporting local recycling programs for paper, cans, glass and plastics.

We also help our clients properly dispose of electronics and toxic items.

If you could use help being more eco-friendly while you get organized and want to learn more about green organizing, please contact Cheryl’s Organizing Concepts.