VA | Reston | Gina Dolin

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Gina is passionate about the science and art of decluttering, downsizing, and organizing.  It all started years ago with her very first move, when she discovered that everything that was packed had to be unpacked — but that she then had an opportunity to arrange a new space that was both functional and beautiful.  As a product/project manager in the Telecommunications field, Gina moved frequently over the years, each time further honing her skills and knowledge and having fun in the process!  Having seen the results, her friends and family often request her help in their own efforts.

In 2019, Gina completed a Personal and Executive Coaching course.  Since then, she has enjoyed coaching people to achieve their goals, including overcoming a fear of public speaking.  Drawing on her coaching, project management, and organizing skills, Gina now guides her clients through the process of creating a peaceful, decluttered, beautiful and well-organized home.