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Cheryl LarsenCheryl’s Organizing Concepts, LLC is the dream of Cheryl Larson, a professional organizer, mentor and trainer.

She started the company in 2002 after a successful career as a computer specialist and teacher of computer classes for adults. Cheryl’s Organizing Concepts has grown from a business of one, to a staff of more than thirty professional organizers who serve clients throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Every member of our team is personally trained and mentored by Cheryl.

Cheryl operates from the simple philosophy that most people can benefit from professional help when it comes to getting organized.

Even very organized individuals are much more likely to complete the task at hand with the aid of a professional.

Cheryl’s greatest strength is that being organized is a way of life, not an acquired skill.

She is passionate about helping people make lasting changes so that they become more organized in everything they do. She adeptly breaks down and communicates organizing concepts so that her clients can put them to use in their own lives.

Cheryl shares her organizing knowledge in a meaningful way through her Professional Organizer Training courses and personal mentoring.

Cheryl has a B.S. degree in Education and an M.S. in Computer Management. She is active in the following professional organizations:

Cheryl has three sons and six grandchildren. When she is not helping her clients get more organized, Cheryl enjoys traveling, eating out, spending time with her grandchildren and escaping to the beach in the summer.

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