MD | Annapolis | Beth Dumesco

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Beth Dumesco enjoys coaching people in planning and carrying out changes in their lives – changes that make life more enjoyable and productive. She loves engaging with people who want to take on something they no longer want in their lives, and replacing it with something that works on as many levels as possible. After a full career working in organizations of all sizes, Beth is helping people with organizing their homes, offices, and small spaces such as boats, RVs and seasonal cabins. Beth’s first exposure to professional organizing came through her own life changes. For over two decades, Beth lived in a four-level townhouse she loved, but no longer met her needs. And, Beth yearned to live aboard a boat. Beth found, purchased and set up her boat, Compass Rose, but dealing with all the stuff in her townhouse and getting it into a storage unit would be more work than friends and family could realistically assist. So Beth found an Organizer to work with, and thought that decision was one of the best she ever made.

Today, Beth lives on her boat in a scenic river off the Chesapeake Bay. There isn’t room for extraneous stuff on a 36-foot boat, and Beth keeps the boat ready to move if a serious storm approaches. But, Beth has found spaces for items that are fun, artful, or hobby related.

If you are curious about Beth’s education, she has a B.S. in Liberal Arts, an M.B.A., an Executive Certificate in Organization Development, plus certifications in coaching, training, and assessments.